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December 2018


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2018 Photo contest Entries for voting

We had such a great response for our 2018 Photo Contest we are inviting the public to vote for their favorites.  The criteria for voting is the photo will be featured on the cover of our 2019 Guide Book, so it must look good in a portrait layout. The top photos will be inside the 2019 Guide Book.

Attached please find the 2018 Photo Contest Entries.  Please vote for up to 5 entries by sending an email with “PHOTO CONTEST VOTE” IN THE SUBJECT LINE and  then list the number(s) of the photo(s) you choose in the body of the email.  Photos designated with an A,B or C are cropped examples if they photo was in a landscape format.  Just vote on the number without the letter.

Send your vote to: [email protected]

Only email per person allowed! Voting Deadline is January 8, 2019

E. Wilson Green and Future Leaders Award Nomination Forms

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To:  All S.R.A.C.C. Members,


Attached is a nomination form for the E. Wilson Green Award and Future Leaders Award (new this year)  presented by the Spring River Area Chamber of Commerce.


The E. Wilson Green Award was first given in 1990 and is presented in memory of the late Chamber leader, E. Wilson Green, who served as a board member and was an instrumental participant in the Chamber for many years.


The award is presented to a person or organization for outstanding contributions to the Chamber and/or this community.  This Nominee does not have to be a member of the S.R.A.C.C.   Please give proper and due consideration to a deserving person or organization for this outstanding award.




  1. The candidate should have distinguished himself/herself by love of and vigorous support for the community.
  2. The honoree must be present at the award presentation (January 22, 2019 or weather date Jan. 29, 2019).
  3. No previous E.Wilson Green Award winner may be nominated or receive the award again.
  4. Candidate must live in the Spring River Area, which includes: Ash Flat, Hardy, Highland, Cherokee Village or surrounding areas.


All nominations will be reviewed by the Executive Board of Directors.  The Board will select the top three (3) nominees and these names will appear on the Ballot.  This ballot will be mailed to all members to be voted on.Each Chamber member will have only one (1) vote.




  1. Must be 18 or under and has not graduated High School yet.
  2. Must actively work to create a better community (This can be through volunteerism, supporting peers in a positive manner and being a productive member of society).
  3. Actions which qualify must have been to benefit the Spring River and/or surrounding areas.
  4. Must be present to receive award during the banquet and, hopefully, be able to present the award to the following year’s recipient..
  5. Candidate should have distinguished himself/herself by love of and vigorous support for the community.
  6. Candidate must live in the Spring River Area, which includes: Ash Flat, Hardy, Highland, Cherokee Village or surrounding areas

(This Award will be determined by a committee of community leaders.



July 2018

Chamber Sponsors Spring River Innovation Hub Technology Program

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The Spring River Area Chamber of Commerce is proud to announce the sponsorship and support for the Spring River Innovation Hub’s (SRIH)  technology purchases with a $2,000 donation, announced President Eddie Ishmael.

The mission of the Spring River Innovation Hub is to provide a creative culture of innovation and entrepreneurship through an inclusive, collaborative network of diverse resources and opportunities that fosters sustainable small business and regional economic growth.

“Supporting the Spring River Innovation Hub is in perfect alignment with one of the Chamber’s strategic goals to support and promote local economic development and stability;” said Ishmael. “The Innovation Hub will be a resource center to help incubate startups, support home-based businesses, and encourage small businesses to thrive.  When our local businesses succeed they employ people, buy goods and services, pay taxes, and give back by supporting charities, churches and other worthwhile causes.  We all need our small businesses and local entrepreneurs to be successful.  We also must recruit and retain entrepreneurs, who are looking for communities just like ours, to bring their business idea and passion and to invest here.”

The SRIH will offer a variety of support services for area businesses, entrepreneurs and creatives, will open in phases throughout 2018.

 “On behalf of the Spring River Innovation Hub Board of Directors, I would like to thank the Spring River Area Chamber of Commerce for its generous donation and support of the Innovation Hub project,” said SRIH Board Chair Jonathan Rhodes. “Small businesses are the backbone of our local economy. We look forward to working alongside and in partnership with the Chamber of Commerce, business and civic leaders and other economic development initiatives to keep our local and regional economies growing.”

For more information about the SRIH please contact Graycen  Bigger at 870.335.7409.


Front Row (L-R): Angela Phipps, Ozarka College; Vicki Rice, Stonehouse B&B; Clint Wiles, FNBC; Ron and Althea Briton, Spring River Tees & More; Graycen Bigger, SRIH; Nadja Coleman, King-Rhodes & Assoc. Real Estate; and Ethan Barnes, Centennial Bank.

Back Row: Donald Britnell, FNBC; Jonathan Rhodes, King-Rhodes & Assoc. Real Estate; Marc Herring, Ozark Classic Crafts Mall; Laura Sackett Clute, Ozark Gateway Realty, OGWLLC; Joey Cooper, Evolve Bank & Trust; Fred Holzhauer, First Community Bank; Kasey Carter, Highland School District; and Lorna Lee, 1st Choice Healthcare.

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April 2018

WRMC Medical Complex adds Cardiac Rehabilitation Services in Cherokee Village

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At the WRMC Medical Complex Cherokee Village, cardiac care includes diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation.  Our Cardiac Rehabilitation Program focuses on helping patients with heart conditions achieve the best possible state of health.

195 Hospsital Drive, Ste. D
Cherokee Village, AR 72529

Cardiac Rehabilition

Cardiac Rehabilitation, referred to as cardiac rehab, is a program of structured exercise and education for patients with heart disease. he three-phase program brings together health care professionals to help patients acheive the best possible state of health. Patient and Exercise Physiologist in Cardiac Rehab

Conditions that may benefit from Cardiac Rehabilitation

  • Angioplasty (balloon procedure)
  • Blocked Coronary Arteries
  • Congestive Heart Failure
  • Coronary Artery Bypass Surgery
  • Heart Attack
  • Heart Valve Surgery
  • Stent Placement

Benefits of Cardiac Rehabilitation

  • Fewer Hospitalizations
  • Improved Endurance
  • Management of Blood Pressure, Cholesterol, and Diabetes
  • Nutritional Counseling and Education
  • Personalized Care Plan

The WRMC Medical Complex Cherokee Village is affiliated with White River Health System (WRHS), a not-for-profit healthcare system serving residents throughout North Central Arkansas.

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