August 2017

SRACC Board Appoints Kari Hollis Executive Director

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The Spring River Area Chamber of Commerce is excited to announce the addition of Kari Hollis as the volunteer Executive Director beginning Tuesday, August 15th.

Kari previously served as a board member for 3 years and was currently serving as the 2nd Vice President.  She has chaired and coordinated the Harlem Wizards vs Sharp Shooters Basketball Show Fundraisers in 2016 and 2017, and has been the Human Resources Chair training our new office assistant position that is funded by the Workforce Innovation and Opportunities Act.

Previously,  Kari was the co-owner of the Curves franchise in Highland, which recently closed leaving Kari time to step up to a more time intense role with the Chamber.

“I am excited to be able to focus my energies into helping the Chamber grow by developing memberships and programs to benefit our members,” said Kari.

Kari’s professional background includes management, marketing, special event planning, grant writing and fundraising for non profits, chambers of commerce and  community organizations.

In order to take the position, Kari had to resign from the board leaving a vacancy that needs to be filled.  The board would like to invite its members to let us know your interest in becoming a board member by emailing the chamber at [email protected] or calling the office at 870-856-3210.

“I am honored to be chosen by the Spring River Area Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors to serve in a more hands-on capacity as their volunteer Executive Director.  I hope to implement programs that we have been discussing that better serve our members and help raise more awareness to the incredible opportunities our beautiful region offers to new residents, businesses and our tourist industry,” Kari Hollis, SRACC Executive Director.


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June 2017

How The Chamber Can Help Grow Your Business

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Those who attended the June 20th SRACC general meeting were introduced to the brand new interactive SRACC website! It was a very informative meeting with a wonderful turn out as well. Those in attendance were presented with the new features and simplicity for getting area member news and information to appear on the site.

Topics covered by Mashuga Marketing were:

  • Posting your company promotional ads to the #shoplocalspringriver  page
  • A walk-through on how to submit an article of interest to the website
  • Getting special promotional events posted to the website event calendar
  • Reviewing the enhanced business directory and detail page
  • Submitting job openings
  • Auto posting to our new facebook/twitter feed page

If you did not attend this meeting you can download the help flyer that highlights all these great new features here

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April 2017


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The Spring River Area Chamber of Commerce is organized and committed to their mission of promoting and advancing the commercial, industrial, civic, tourist and historical interest of the area. Over the past several years, the Chamber has developed a strong leadership team in its Board of Directors and we are proud of the progress that has been made in developing a strong Chamber that supports the Spring River Area. Following a very successful first quarter in 2017, the Chamber Board of Directors is very optimistic about the future direction of the Chamber and the  benefit they bring to the area.

Laura Sackett Clute, Chamber President said, “The Chamber is committed  to  promoting local businesses and has taken several steps to engage local businesses in the Chamber, bring visibility to them, and help them  be  successful.”   The Chamber  has four  initiatives  that  focus on promoting business: The  redesign of the  Chamber website by Mashuga Marketing will go live 2nd  quarter of 2017, which is  an interactive website  that  will help  someone  find  local businesses  easily;  launching a campaign  specifically  designed to promote shopping local with their Shop Local Campaign; sponsoring an annual Business Expo which highlights local businesses; and the  Chambers Blue Ribbon Cutting Ceremonies.

The Blue Ribbon Cutting Ceremonies welcome new Chamber member businesses into the area. These businesses are highlighted  with a photo and press release to  help bring public awareness  of  the  business to the community. In 2016 the Chamber conducted over 15 Blue  Ribbon  Cutting  Ceremonies  and highlighted Chamber members with ‘The Best of Spring  River’  promotion.  This  was an opportunity  for people in the community to  show  their  support  of  their  favorite  business  by  voting  for  them.  Thirty three (33) local businesses were recognized  in seventeen  (17) categories.

“We believe this commitment to promoting local businesses is part of the reason for the increase of 32 new Chamber members in 2017 over 2016” said, Clute.

The Chamber of Commerce is committed to the community. In April 2016 and March 2017, the Chamber brought the Harlem Wizards vs Sharp Shooters Basketball Show to the A.L. Hutson Center in Highland. Working with media outlets, the school districts in Cave City, Salem and Highland, and many businesses and organizations from the area, the Chamber brought a first-rate event to the area while raising operational funds.

The Chamber sponsors an annual Golf Tournament with the Quad Cities Rotary Club in May of each year. This tournament draws many participants from outside the area. Over the holidays the Chamber supported The Festival of Lights, an event designed to bring people to our area to enjoy the many lights of the holiday season.

At their April board meeting, the Chamber Board voted to give one more scholarship to a Highland High School Senior  in  addition to  those they already give.

The Chamber recognizes the many hours of time and resources given to Chamber activities and promotions annually from the Board, Members, and volunteers from the community. The Chamber leadership is dedicated to being good stewards of this time and the resources by being strategic and proactive.

The Chamber is currently in the process of creating a business plan with clearly defined strategies to promote and advance the commercial, industrial, civic, tourist and historical interest of the area. The release is expected in the third quarter of 2017.

In addition, the Chamber has developed a strong working Board to provide leadership over the many areas of interest within the Chamber that serve its members and the community. There are several committees that support the work of the Chamber: Audit Committee, Chair James Mack Street; Business Expo, Chair Marc Herring; Human Resources Committee, Chair Kari Hollis; New Members Committee, Chair James Henderson; Nomination Committee, Chair Clint Wiles; Scholarship Committee, Chair Nancy Orr; Shop Local Campaign, Chair Eddie Ishmael; Strategic Planning Committee, Chair Pat Clary and Website Committee, Chair Amy Rodola.

The Chamber is in the best financial position it has been in over ten (10) years with some long term investments in place. And, the Chamber has a strong membership base as it continues to be a viable organization that serves our community, local businesses and members.

If you are interested in becoming a new member of the Chamber or getting involved, please contact the Chamber office by calling 870.856.3210  or  contact  one of the  Board of Directors.

Chamber Board of Director Officers are: Laura Sackett Clute, President; Pat Clary, 1st Vice President; Kari Hollis,  2nd  Vice  President; James Henderson,  Secretary  and   Joey Cooper, Treasurer.   Directors  of  the Chamber include: Marc Herring, Eddie Ishmael, Rhonda Messer, Nancy Orr, Amy Rodola, James Mack Street  and Clint Wiles.

The Chamber holds monthly general meetings at local member restaurants at noon every 3rd Tuesday. The luncheon meeting is open to the public with attendees covering the cost of their own lunch.

For more information about future meetings:
Like and follow us on Facebook: @springriverareachamberofcommerce Check on the Chamber website:
Call: 870.856.3210

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January 2017

2017 Annual SRACC Banquet A Great Event

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Thank you to the Spring River Chronicle, Tammy L. Dunn Curtis for the Facebook Live feed of the annual Spring River Area Chamber of Commerce Banquet. There is a long pause at the beginning of the video as we enjoyed an outstanding meal provided by Roberta Shankle. Ten percent of the net proceeds from tonights meal are being donated to the Highland Backpack program.

Congratulations to Johnny Carter for winning the 2016 E. Wilson Green award, the most prestigious award presented by the Chamber.

Congratulations to Bart Schulz and Brandi Schulz , Bailey, Jonah, Samuel, and Jackson for winning the Sharp County Farm Family of the Year.

This years speaker was Mike Preston, Executive Director of the Arkansas Economic Development Commission.

The theme was Shop Local. If 2500 people spend $33 dollars more per month that will be an additional one million dollars in revenue to the Sharp County economy. Let’s all commit to the challenge of spending $33 more dollars per month right here in Sharp County by supporting our local businesses.



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